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At the moment 2023

The Dragons of Cheverny

At the moment, the Weapons Room at Château de Cheverny is hosting an exhibition “The Dragons of Cheverny”. This unusual universe will take visitors on a journey to the past and to the family history of the Castle owners.

In the 18th century, the Vibraye family was granted an important privilege. This is how the name of the Hurault de Vibraye family, at the service of King Louis XV, would become associated with a regiment of Dragons between 1734 and 1745. On 10 March 1734, Paul Maximilien Hurault, Marquis of Vibraye, became colonel and owner of the Dragons de Vibraye regiment, whose horse and riders he maintained.

Having one's name associated with a regiment of soldiers serving the king was an important privilege for a family. In 1734, the Hurault de Vibraye family distinguished itself at the Battle of San Pietro against the Austrians. For 10 years, the regiment served the King during the Wars of Succession of Poland and Austria, during which they covered themselves in glory.

But what do we know about these Dragons? They were cavalrymen, who fought on horseback with speed and power, but also on foot, making using of their firearms: Hence the analogy with the fantastic animal known for both its speed and its fire-spitting skills.

Château de Cheverny shows you off this splendid cavalry regiment dressed all in red by displaying a faithful reproduction of the uniforms of the Dragons de Vibraye in the Weapons Room, as a testament to the family's long military past. For the occasion, the flag or guidon of the Dragons de Vibraye, faithfully reproduced, is displayed for the first time at Cheverny!






Practical information:

Usual opening times:

• From 01/01 to 31/03 : 10am to 5pm 

• From 31/03 to 30/09 : 9:15am to 6pm ; except from 02/07 to 31/08: 9:15am to 6:30pm. EXCEPTIONAL CLOSURE: all day on 1 July 2023.

• From 01/09 to 31/12 : 10am to 5pm. 

Entry to the Chäteau and gardens (Exhibition included):

• Adult: €14 

• Concessions (adult with a family of at least 3 children, children aged 7 to 14, student under 25 ): €10 

• Child (under 7): free

• Disabled person: free upon presentation of the disability card

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