Chateau de CHEVERNY - Val de Loire
Vue de la façade du château de Cheverny


A magical place which enchants visitors of all ages. The Château de Cheverny is a grand estate which has been in the same family for over six centuries. Cheverny has always been lived in and every generation has made a great effort to take care and embellish it with a true passion.

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The Château de Cheverny's owners : Constance and Charles-Antoine de Vibraye with their children.

In 1922 it was one of the first private homes to open its doors to the public. Visitors can appreciate the splendour and delight of real life in a castle. The owners invite you to discover this fantastic and vivid heritage: from the botanical park to the magnificent interior of the Château; the hunting dog kennels to Tintin's exhibition and the gardens through to the forest.


The Château displays a wonderful range of furniture and interior decoration, all of which are remarkably well preserved.

The private apartments on the first floor convey the French ‘art de vivre’- art of living with rooms such as the birth chamber, the nursery, the private dining room and others.

Many treasures can be found at Cheverny like a 17th century Gobelin tapestry for example, on display in the Arms room or the Louis XIV chest of drawers in the Boulle style.

Come and discover the fine details and finishings of the Château’s interior decoration before visiting the Park, the Vegetable garden, the Apprentices' garden, the Tulip garden and the magical maze.


If you are aged between 7 and 14 years old, you can take part in the mystery game and attempt to decode a secret sentence about the Château de Cheverny.

When you arrive at the Château you will receive your game instructions. You have to use your memory and your sense of observation to unravel the mystery as you go along.

Hand in your answer at the entrance of The secrets of Marlinspike Hall so it can be checked.

Please note, we do not give the mystery games to school visits as we offer a guided tour which covers a full visit of the Château.