Chateau de CHEVERNY - Val de Loire
Souvenirs de la boutique du château de Cheverny : tasses, jouets, épicerie fine, vaisselle.



Come and discover our shop which has over 200m2 floor space.

One can find a variety of gift ideas starting at just € 0.80 :

  • for the younger visitor: Papo models, cuddly toys, dressing up clothes, story books…
  • For adults: Tapestries, table decorations, perfumes, scarves, jewellery and fine food
  • The unique Tintin space offers a large choice of clothes, vidéos, albums, models and school supplies, watches and Tintin objects.

The Rose "Chateau of Cheverny" has won the "Grand Prix SNHF" 2017

Rose on sale to the shop : 14,99€

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